Tokyo Reverse

Tokyo Reverse by Simon Bouisson and Ludovic Zuili

Ever heard of Slow TV? It`s a new film genre in which an event is filmed in it`s entirety – often live – and afterwards also broadcast in the same pace in it`s entirety.

This is also the formula which French Ludovic Zuili and and his production partner Simon Bouisson used to create Tokyo Reverse, a 9-hour production which aired on the French channel France 4 on 31th March 2014.

Tokyo Reverse by Simon Bouisson and Ludovic Zuili
© Le Monde

Zuili however applied a pretty big twist to the video since he was walking backwards for the whole shoot. The film is played in reverse afterwards giving the impression Tokyo is moving backwards, apart from himself. Zuili took dance lessons to practise his movements in order to make sure he looked natural once the video would run in reverse.

Watch some excerpts from the 9-h film below: