Memory Stand Midori - Kaboomi

If you make notes on scraps or single sheets of paper, it’s easy for them to get lost, or tatty. An alternative is post-it type notes, but you still have to stick them somewhere eh? You could use a standard memo block, and write directly on the pad (to keep everything together, and your desk tidy), but what happens when you need another sheet? More loose sheets!

Memory Stand Midori - Kaboomi

That’s why we love Memo Stand Memo by Tokyo based stationery brand Midori, which serves as both the dispenser, and the a multi-sheet holder/organiser of in a delightfully uncomplicated and still meaningful manner. The front side of each sheet is printed with a vase, the back side with a single flower.

Memory Stand Midori - Kaboomi

In the world of product design, coming up with a great idea is important, of course, but getting that product made can be tricky, or expensive, and sometimes impossible, so as well as being a lovely idea, it’s also the seemingly simple method of manufacture (double-sided printing on paper) that makes this even more of an “if only we’d thought of that!”-type product.

When we shared this on our Facebook page, nobody ‘liked’ it. We thought that might have been because it’s total-awesomeness was difficult to understand by just looking at a single image, and that’s why we made the little video below, and are banging on about it in this special DMIJ post.

Memo Stand Memo (Flower) - Midori Inc. from kaboomi.

And yeh, sure there’s a range of 8 of ‘em, and although we’re quite keen on the typewriter, and maybe the pencil pot too (which seem to follow the same concept), the flower version is most definitely our favourite!