Spoon’s Spoon Shop | Make and Sell Your Own Spoon

Spoon's Spoon Shop - Prty - Party

What’s in a name? A spoon by any other name would still carry food to your mouth, right? Wrong. At least according to a Tokyo-based video production company who just happens to be called, Spoon. In fact, they’re using their name to launch a completely unrelated service: a spoon shop. “Bringing new taste to your life” is the slogan behind Spoon’s spoon shop, which marries social media, video production and state-of-the-art 3D printing.

Spoon's Spoon Shop - Prty - Party

The new service, which was built with the help of creative ad agency PARTY, allows users to log in via facebook. Using some basic profile information the site proposes a uniquely designed spoon. I was given “this bowl is so ‘Brooklyn’” (where I currently live) and “the perfect handle for a 33-year old” (I’m 33). You can accept their proposal, or choose from different combinations before pushing your creation to the shop. Once it’s live anyone can purchase your spoon (prices vary depending on design), which gets 3D-printed and sent to you.

spoon-shop (2) spoon-shop (5)

But it’s not only the name that’s being integrated into the spoon shop. The company also uses their own video production expertise to merge your unique spoon into a promotional clip that features various historical footage.

spoon-shop (9)Spoon's Spoon Shop - Prty - Partyspoon-shop (10)