Moonvertising | Putting a can of Pocari Sweat on the moon

Pocari Sweat - Lunar Dream - Moon

In this world-first advertising stunt on the moon, Japanese beverage company Otsuka is planning to put a can of Pocari Sweat on the lunar surface. The mission is called Lunar Dream and scheduled to take off in October 2015.

If you are wondering about the odd name of the lemonade, this should clear things up:

The reference to sweat in the name of the beverage tends to have a certain off-putting or humorous connotation for native English speakers. However, the name was chosen by the manufacturers originally for the purpose of marketing the product as a sports drink in Japan, where English words are used differently. It was largely derived from the notion of what it is intended to supply to the drinker: all of the nutrients and electrolytes lost when sweating. The first part of the name, Pocari, does not have any meaning; the word was coined for its light, bright sound.
– Wikipedia

However, it`s not a regular can of lemonade they want to shot to the moon, it`s a product design engineering marvel, a special Titanium-designed canister with a few more ingredients. The Dream Capsule will contain laser engraved Titanium plates with the submitted wishes from children across Asia. Each child will receive a Dream Capsule key in case they happen to drop by on the moon and feel the need to crack one open.

Pocari Sweat - Lunar Dream  - Moon

In case the above labels are too small to read:

  •  Dream Ring:
    The key to open the Dream Capsule. It will be given to children who submit their dreams.
  • Message Plate:
    Dreams will be engraved onto Titanium plates using laser technology and will replicate handwritten submissions.
  • Pocari Sweat Powder:
    This powder is enclosed along with our dream for a future when Pocari Sweat will be made with the moon`s own water.
  • Outer Container:
    The exact shade of Pocari Sweat blue was reproduced using special dyeing technology.

The Dream Capsule is planned to be delivered to the moon by the privately held SpaceX company on board a Falcon 9 rocket:

Pocari Sweat - Lunar Dream  - Moon  - SpaceX - Falcon 9 Rocket
© SpaceX – Launch of a Falcon 9 rocket

The campaign includes all the good stuff: dreams, kids, space flights, rockets and lemonade. What could go wrong?