Message by Issey Miyake


Issey Miyako Inc. came up with a fun idea to promote the launch of their limited-edition product range MESSAGE for the “special” season.

message by issey miyake

Christmas has always been a season to send messages to loved ones, therefore the company created a nifty online messaging tool. Upon entering some text the tool will generate the whole message in an alphabet created from the product photos which can be shared or downloaded.


The animated alphabet looks slightly inspired by Bauhaus and soviet-constructivism which is supported through additional geometrical shapes and the use of the traditional Japanese lacquerware colour Arai-shu (洗朱). Additionally, each letter is preset with a sound which creates a sort of unique soundtrack when playing back your message.

We tried out luck here with the rather unimaginative message “Design Made in Japan”:

An Issey Miyake shop window displaying the MESSAGE products.