Turtle Taxi


As 2014 rapidly draws to a close, it’s important to look forward – to embrace innovations that change life on a day-to-day level.

Turtle Taxi, designed by and produced in conjunction with KAJIUCHI DESIGN STUDIO, the Sanwa Koutsu Group and IMJ Corporation, is one such innovation. It took out this year’s Good Design: Design for the Future Award and promises to be an exciting contribution to the ever-growing eco-driving industry.


“Turtle Taxi” is a new eco-friendly taxi service. With the push of a button (located on the back of the passenger seat,) the passenger can initiate a slower driving pace. Upon pressing of the button, a turtle mark is displayed on the windshield – this alerts drivers outside the car to the fact that the car has reduced its speed.

The eco-driving element is achieved by eliminating the need for sudden acceleration or deceleration, which contributes to the improvement of fuel efficiency and CO2 reduction. Drivers are given special training to operate the vehicles, with the aim of providing a safer, and more comfortable drive for their passengers, particularly the aged and pregnant women.