Skeletonics – Science fiction becomes a reality!

skeletonics robot japan technology

Skeletonics Inc. designs robot suits that extends the movement of the human body through the extremities of the suit. The company is comprised of ReyesTatsuru Shiroku and Tomohiro Aka, both graduates of the Mechanical System Engineering program at Okinawa National College of Technology.

Skeletonics, Inc. was officially founded in 2013 by the duo, however the project itself started back in 2008 when Shiroku and Aka won 1st prize at the 21st National College of Technology Robocon Contest.

Each structure weighs about 40 kilos and measures between 2.60 and 2.80 meters according to their latest prototype. Just like an extension of the human body, the whole structure moves and responds to natural body movement and energy.

In 2012, Skeletonics Inc. moved from Okinawa to Tokyo, and in 2014 they opened an office in Hachioji, where they continue to develop and improve 5 different prototypes of the suit.

The latest exoskeleton prototype was completed in 2014 and featured big evolutions in the overall movement and fluidity, especially within the hand system.

skeletonics robot japan technology

skeletonics robot japan technologyskeletonics robot japan technologyskeletonics robot japan technology