Snaplite | A Desk Light and Scanner For Your Smartphone

The smartphone has replaced many products: point-and-shoot camera, GPS, alarm clock, flashlight and calculator, just to name a few. But the scanner is one product that, stubbornly, has clung relevance. Sure, an aerial-view photograph will suffice at times but now there’s an accessory that aims to eradicate the scanner forever. Snaplite, developed by a subsidiary of Fujitsu, is a desk light that doubles as a phone clamp, allowing your phone’s camera to record immaculate scans of drawings, meals, receipts or basically anything. No more shadows getting in your way.

The Snaplite, which retails for 12,800 yen, comes with its own app that, among other things, allows you to control the brightness and color of the light. Once you take the pictures you can export them to other apps like photo-sharing or book-keeping apps.

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