Rakugaki Cafe | A pop-up graffiti cafe that encourages you to scribble on their walls

Rakugaki - Graffiti Cafe Ginza

Rakugaki - Graffiti Cafe Ginza

The Japanese word rakugaki (落書き) means to scribble or to graffiti. And although the word – literally, “drop-writing” –  has it’s roots in a more malicious form of lampooning public figures, the word today has taken on a playful tone; one that conjures up images of doodles in old grade school textbooks.


It’s that sort of nostalgic freedom and curiosity that stationary label Pentel wants to help you rediscover. For a limited time they’ve opened a pop-up shop in Ginza where “the whole shop is your canvas.” Ginza Rakugaki Cafe is a functioning restaurant that’s fully equipped with food, a full bar and an extensive selection of Pentel markers for you to leave your mark on their tables, floors, banisters and even windows.

Rakugaki - Graffiti Cafe Ginza

As a fun, interactive bonus the cafe provides you with coasters that you can design your favorite character on. Then all you have to do is download their augmented reality app and hover your camera over the character to bring it to life.


But time is running out! The Rakugaki Cafe will only be open until July 27, 2014.