Frisk Neo vs. Takashi Murakami

Frisk Neo by Murakami

Frisk, the power mint tablet, was created in Belgium, however, its popularity in Japan over the years would only make it inevitable for the mint tablet to culturally cross over. The Frisk Company has partnered with world renowned Superflat artist Takashi Murakami to create limited edition Frisk Neo tablets. Blending art and commerce, these tablet sculptures have been designed into edible art pieces.

Frisk Neo by MurakamiFrisk Neo by Murakami Frisk Neo by Murakami
Frisk Neo by MurakamiFrisk Neo by Murakami

“It is often said that characters have lives of their own and that they start…imparting insights into their own nature to the creator” – Takashi Murakami

Murakami’s collaboration with Frisk has not only transformed his characters into adorable tablets but it has given normal consumers an opportunity to experience Murakami’s art through their taste buds. Murakami’s colorful eye patterns are the flavor of mixed fruit. The cherry tablets are sculpted into blossoming flowers, and the tablet skulls give a chilling minty taste.

 “We basically bring a piece of art into the pockets of normal consumers” – Jan Heeling

You can get your own limited edition tasty sculpture at any convenient store in Japan.