Noramoji Project

We can find a lot of font in old towns. Those may not be so sophisticated but have a unique charm. In this project, we named such characters “NORAMOJI”. We aim to “Find > Analyze > Reproduce” them. Users can install and use the fonts. You can even preview them by using the text box under the image.

A charming project to preserve and digitalise old shop-lettering found in Japan. Fonts can be downloaded and donations will go to the shop owners.

The name derieves from Nora (meaning stray) and Moji (text).

Even previewing the fonts and live-typing on the actual storefront is possible on their interactive website. They also have a section on their site where they`re listing photos of old lettering which they received via Twitter (tag your Twitter-photo with #noramoji to send them a photo). Additionally they are selling T-shirts created from the digitalised alphabets.