16 Examples of Japanese Lovely-ness : PART 2

Hi there, nice to see you again!
Since we posted PART 1 on DMIJ, we’ve continued with our regular hobby of sharing a single charming thing on Facebook and Twitter, everyday of the working week.
We return with PART 2 of our summary that picks up sixteen of our favourite things related to Japan and Japanese culture, enjoy:

NG です!stamp

ng_stamp japan‬ ‪‎design‬ ‪‎products‬ ‪goods‬ ‪‎accessories‬

A gloriously cute ink stamp produced by Japanese company Kodomo no Kao.
The first time anyone visits Japan, it’s unlikely they’ll go for more than a week without seeing the physical implementation of NO! or YOU CANNOT! in the form of either a crossing of the arms or of the index fingers. NG is often used (on TV for example) as Japan’s written-in-English abbreviation to communicate the same meaning (although no-one would ever say “No Good” in English, which is apparently what it stands for).

Trick Mat by A.P. Works


A place mat that creates the optical illusion that your plate, knife and fork are sinking into the table.

Snoopy Robot Cleaner


Putting Snoop’s on any product has the potential to make it more desirable. We love the little extra creativity AQUA put in that resulted in the charging station becoming Snoopy’s famous dog house.

Space Invader Moneybox by The Porcelains


Space invaders, pretty cool.
Money box, fairly useful.
Designing the product so there is no way to remove the coins but to smash the invader (just like the game)… PURE DESIGN GENIUS.

Traffic sign earrings


Designed by Toumei, made in acrylic.

Polar-bear tea bag holder


Designed by NECKTIE design office, made in Japan.

Block Girl, Border Boy & Blank Boy notepads


Simple illustration style by Noritake shows characters with t-shirt print that matches the line-style of the notepad. Nice.

Bread Clip Earrings

bread_clip_earrings japan‬ ‪‎design‬ ‪‎products‬ ‪goods‬ ‪‎accessories‬

Designed and handmade by Bring Studio.

Sushi Pins


By Honk Kong based designer Winnif Pang for Fred & Friends.

Happy Ball

happyball japan‬ ‪‎design‬ ‪‎products‬ ‪goods‬ ‪‎accessories‬

A modern take on the traditional Kusudama, used to celebrate various events like shop openings & birthdays.

The Great Wave of Rabbits

kozyndan japan‬ ‪‎design‬ ‪‎products‬ ‪goods‬ ‪‎accessories‬

Hokusai’s famous print gets injected with bunnies by L.A based husband-and-wife team Kozyndan.



We think this is probably just a concept, a beautiful one that likens the action of dipping a strung the bag to that of playing with a puppet. By Naoto Fukasawa.

Fan Accessories by TAKI Products


The engulfing heat of Japanese summer can be a little more bearable with this paper shark & surfer duo that simply sticks to your fan. Design by Tomoka Murakami.

Heart Bubble Wrap

heart_bubble_wrap  japan‬ ‪‎design‬ ‪‎products‬ ‪goods‬ ‪‎accessories‬

For delicate love.

Colour O’Clock

colour-o-clock  japan‬ ‪‎design‬ ‪‎products‬ ‪goods‬ ‪‎accessories‬

Simple, modern clock who’s main feature is a colour ‘dot’ that gently cruises through a full range of colours as time gradually passes. Designed by Duncan Shotton for Japanese retailer Rainbow Spectrum.

Asahi Micro-Brewery?


Taken from Tanaka Tatsuya‘s “Miniature Calendar” project, where he takes photographs of diorama-style figures surrounded by daily necessaries everyday.

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