Interview with Ichiro Suzuki – 3D Menswear Designer

Ichiro Suzuki is a Japanese-born menswear designer, currently working at a French fashion house in Paris.

For his RCA (Royal College of Art, London) Graduate Collection Ichiro made a 3D collection inspired from optical art works and the patchwork made in 1895 by one of the employees at tailor Henry Poole & Co. His strong experience as a cutter and bio-geometric view make Ichiro’s style unique.

ichiro_suzuki 3D fashionichiro_suzuki 3D

Who are you?

My name is Ichiro Suzuki. I am a menswear designer at French fashion house. I am working on the 2015/2016 Autumn/Winter collection at the moment.


I started fashion at the age of 25. One day I came across a book that illustrates how men should be dressed in a suit. I think I was subconsciously gravitating towards the power of the suit back then.

The author mentioned the word ‘Savile Row’ a lot and I wondered what that was about. I found out that is a neighbourhood (in London) where all the good hand-made suits come from. This eventually prompted me to move to London and learn tailoring.


The works of Pierre Cardin and Henri Matisse.

It does not influence much the way I design but I like the graphic style and the feeling that their works create.

Your tools

Computer (mainly Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop), pencils, rulers, needles, thread, and shears. I am worried that there will be a machine that is able to translate one’s ideas in the head into 3D object so people stop using what has been used to create clothing i.e. pencils, thread, needles, etc.


People think that each garment has a concept. My designs are not always based upon concepts. I do not believe in concept, I believe in how it looks, where the concept is that there is no concept. In a way, I am driven by some sort of concept or idea just as much as I think it`s essential to have an stunning image.

A difficult work

I would say everything I have made was difficult for me regardless of how long it took each garments to be made. You have to rack your brain in order to translate your vision.

A story

Matisse cutout/Blue Nude.

I thought that I could incorporate this great work into men’s tailoring garments. Though I simply have not got round to doing so yet.

ichiro_suzuki 3D

ichiro_suzuki 3D fashion


A big arigatou gozaimasu to Ichiro Suzuki for the interview.

You can reach him through his website:

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