Blue Screen of Death | Chloma’s New Line of Clothing


Together, Junya Suzuki and Reiko Sakuma make up Chloma, an up-and-coming fashion design duo that blend haute couture with cyborg internet culture. For their most recent collection they’ve turned to fatal errors for inspiration. That is, virtual fatal errors. Titled “Blue Screen of Death,” the collection debuted last month in Tokyo but also online (of course). As the name implies, the concept is borrowed from the error screen (often abbreviated as BSoD) displayed on PCs when a fatal error occurs. The BSoD collection of clothing also rotates on sub-themes like science fiction, moe (a burning pseudo-love for anime and manga characters) and high fashion.

Blue Screen of Death | 2014AW


The flagship piece is a poncho that occupies some odd territory in-between the 2D and 3D – worlds where the designers themselves are so carefully situated. The piece is designed from several flat parts but, when draped over your body, becomes large and inflated. And what internet and computer-inspired clothing line would be complete without a special website? Indeed, one must maneuver through the intentionally glitchy website, complete with pixelated scenes and frozen blue boxes, to get a true sense for what the collection is really about.


Below are some samples of their older collections:

Test Subject | 2013AW




Sweat/Gazou | 2013SS



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