A Book that Transforms into a Stool in an Instant


BE-S Co., Ltd. (the company that developed the outdoor adventure brand “Doppelganger Outdoor®”) has released a line of interior goods under the name “Going Furniture” . The brand offers a selection of household goods, based on the company’s experience producing outdoor gear.

Not surprisingly from a company that produces outdoor goods, BE-S Co. Ltd.’s new brand Going Furniture offers a range of items that combine the portability of outdoor gear with the stylish design of interior goods. The design concept “interior items that can be brought outside” is likely to appeal to advocates of simple, minimalist lifestyles.


Going Furniture embodies the idea of a free and casual lifestyle, in which you can have your favorite items by your side whether you are indoors or outside. Take, for example, their portable “Book Stool BS1-243”.

Just as the name suggests, Book Stool BS1-243 is a stool that takes the shape of a book – when it’s not being used, it can be folded up and stored in a bookshelf. To use, simply open it up and it transforms into a stool. Its compactness and collapsibility make it perfect for camping or other outdoor activities, as well as receiving unexpected guests at home.

“Book Stool BS1-243” can be stored in a bookshelf.
“Book Stool BS1-243” simply open it up and transforms into a stool.

Doppelganger-Outdoor-folding-book-chair_004Doppelganger-Outdoor-folding-book-chair_006 Doppelganger-Outdoor-folding-book-chair_006

Product details Book Stool BS1-243

Materials: paper, MDF
Size (storage as book): 160 x 50 x 320 mm
Size (as stool): 330 x 320 mm (circumference x height)
Weight: 1.62 kg
Tested for: 80 kg
Price: 3,240 yen (tax included)

Written by IGNITION Staff  |  Translated by Rebecca Bourke