DMIJ Shop now on society6!

Design Made in Japan - Product Shop on Society6

Did you know that at DMIJ we do more than feature Japanese designs and interview creatives?

That’s right, in between interviewing people and finding things to feature on the site, the DMIJ bots also do some designing by themselves.

Starting today you can check out some of our stuff on the Design Made in Japan shop on society6!

What is society6 you ask?

Essentially it is a place where you can buy various products from your favorite artists and designers. When you buy a product through our Society6 Shop, they produce it using only the highest quality materials, and ship it to you on behalf of us.

Every penny will help us continue to bring you interesting interviews and feature posts! Check out the DMIJ society6 shop out now:

Your DMIJ-Bot

p.s. It seems we are in luck and most products come with free worldwide shipping today!

Check out some of our designs:

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