OK GO – I Won’t Let You Down directed by Morihiro Harano

Creative director Morihiro Harano of agency Mori Inc. has done it again. Harano is known for producing stunning commercials for Docomo’s Touch Wood smartphone or the weirdly wonderful Pola Apex campaign recently.


This time around Harano directed a music video for rock band OK Go’s “I Won’t Let You Down” in collaboration with Japanese car manufacturer Honda. Throughout the clip the 4 band members riding Honda’s personal mobility vehicle UNI-CUB. Other paraphernalia used to make the video are: Twirling umbrellas (lot’s of them!), 2400 dancing girls, drone cameras and what must have been a killer choreography training. On top of that a secret cameo appearance by über-popular Japanese music trio Parfume. Can you spot them?

ok-go-i-wont-let-you-down-mori-inc-morihiro-harano_001 ok-go-i-wont-let-you-down-mori-inc-morihiro-harano_002 ok-go-i-wont-let-you-down-mori-inc-morihiro-harano_011ok-go-i-wont-let-you-down-mori-inc-morihiro-harano_003 ok-go-i-wont-let-you-down-mori-inc-morihiro-harano_004 ok-go-i-wont-let-you-down-mori-inc-morihiro-harano_005 ok-go-i-wont-let-you-down-mori-inc-morihiro-harano_006 ok-go-i-wont-let-you-down-mori-inc-morihiro-harano_007 ok-go-i-wont-let-you-down-mori-inc-morihiro-harano_008 ok-go-i-wont-let-you-down-mori-inc-morihiro-harano_009

This interview with Damian and Tom from OK GO offers a look behind the scenes in the making of the music video:

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