Japanese Rice Packaging Design

10 Stunning Examples of Japanese Rice Packaging

Rice – it’s that ubiquitous staple that can be found in almost any Japanese home, served at almost every meal. Apparently its high status even renders it worthy of an art exhibition dedicated entirely to the grain. And as the poet Kenji Miyazawa once succinctly described rice, “They are living things, they are precision machines.” So it comes as little surprise that much time and energy is dedicated to the packaging and presentation of rice as a product. I present to you, a selection of rice packaging designs that range from elegantly minimal to huggably cute and everything in-between.


No no Mai rice packaging designed by Kenichi Matsumoto


Itamimai rice packaging designed by Kashiwa Sato


800 for eats rice packaging


OkomeGohan rice packaging designed by Kotaro Machiyama


Irodori rice packaging


Morinoie rice packaging by Akaoni Design


Itokoku rice packaging by Tetusin Design


Shirokuma rice packaging by Ryuta Ishikawa

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