You have several choices to participate on DMIJ:

Send us a Tip

  • If you come across an interesting design project from/about Japan and would like us to feature it
  • Simply send us an email through the contact form here.

Submit to Magazine

  • This upload form is designed to submit design related posts.
  • It assumes you have a written a short post for your entry, ideally with several images or video. Also a design field category needs to be set and source information should be stated. At the very least a entry name, featured image and text are needed.

Guidelines for Submissions

  1. All submissions should focus on a Japan specific design topic.
  2. Recent Japanese design novelties should be the focus for submissions, but also older relevant/quality material will be considered.
  3. DMIJ is focusing on applied design in all fields and not so much on purely art or traditional crafts. If for example a traditional craft product has been reinvented with a current design or function this is definitely interesting for DMIJ. Also art projects should also have some sort of applied use to it as happening in e.g. advertising, performance & stage design, illustration and such.
  4. Quality of material is key for publication. Submitted material will be curated and there is no 100% guarantee for publication in order to keep quality of DMIJ on a high level.
  5. Credit must be given to third party material.
  6. The submitter allows DMIJ to share uploaded material on social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, G+ etc).
  7. The copyright of submissions stays with the respective owner.

Registered vs. Non-registered Users

  • Registered users have a valuable public profile page which lists all their submissions and profile details. They can also update their profile details and edit submission. See how a public profile looks like here.
  • Non-registered (guest) users can still submit anonymously but posts are not associated with an individual profile, instead they are published by the DMIJ Bot. Guest users obviously do not have any public profile page.

Guidelines for User Profiles

  • Profiles are intended for designers, bloggers or design writers to publish their own work or other interesting third party design discoveries.
  • The public profile can give the user valuable publicity with an introduction to themselves or their business and a backlink to their own web presence and Twitter account.
  • Submitted posts will show the contributors short description and link to their profile page below the article content.
  • Registered users (contributors) are asked to share a quality piece of content soon after they have registered.
  • Profiles should not be used for overly blatant self-promotion.
  • A contributor profile will only show up in the contributor page once a submission has been approved and published.

About this Website

  • This website is ‘responsive’, it means it can easily be used on mobile and tablet devices as well as desktop computers.
  • You can use all site features regardless of screen-size e.g. uploading images and submitting posts.
  • If there is any site bug you noticed, please let us know from here.