DMIJ (Design Made in Japan) is an attempt to map the design landscape in Japan with the help of designers, bloggers/writers or otherwise design interested individuals either living in Japan or abroad. Its aim is to become a central resource and platform on Japan design topics.

  • DMIJ was born out of the realisation that a lot of cutting-edge and playful design innovation from Japan often goes unseen. Further contributed the lack of a central online-hub for Japan design topics in English language.
  • DMIJ aim is to change this and reveal some of the fantastic design work by giving users the option to submit their own design discoveries about Japan (users may be on the ground in Japan or abroad). This way we are hoping to discover a much larger range & amount of quality design projects from (or about) Japan.
  • Designers can submit their own work, too, as long as there is a relationship with Japan and the work has a certain level of quality.

Main Sections of DMIJ:


  • The Magazine section will strive to cover a great selection of design related topics about Japan.
  • This area is meant for regular posts on Japan design topics, involving an article and images or video. Posts are categorised by design field.
Designspotting Japan:

  • The image feed of the Designspotting Japan section is fed though our Tumblr account.
  • Users are welcome to share an image, video, link or text snippet through the Tumblr form.
  • We are hoping to receive submission of fresh & unique street-level design discoveries in Japan.

Find out how you can contribute in the FAQ section.

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